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Need a professional 1-part nutrient for hydroponics, coco or soil?
If ease-of-use is as important to you as yield and flavor then FloraMax Veg-1 should be your #1 choice in nutrients.

1-part nutrient for hydroponics, coco coir & soil

FloraMax Veg-1

Veg-1 is the ultimate base nutrient for both simplicity and performance in hydroponics, coco coir or soil.

  • Its unique 1-part technology provides vigorous growth for seedlings then all-the-way through to harvest, in both hard or soft water.
  • It provides exceptional pH stability and far fewer plumbing blockages than other popular nutrient systems.
  • Veg-1 utilizes high grade ingredients that are stabilized and carefully balanced to avoid any unnecessary excess and ensure the best flavoured fruits.

nutrients for consistent yields_image onlyYou can be confident growing with FloraMax Veg-1.  We utilize the highest grade of ingredients available for plant nutrient products.  Also, every batch of FloraMax is manufactured by our in-house senior chemist and quality tested before being bottled.  Our products boast extra long shelf-life, typically at least 3-5 years, which ensures every bottle performs to specification.  Growers can be confident of achieving consistent yields from crop-to-crop.

Technical data
Dose: 3-7 ml/L (12-22 ml/Gal) | Dose chart: Imperial / Metric | Label | MSDS | FAQ | Package 1L, 5L, 20L, 1kL
Veg-1 Dose Chart and Brochure
Our Veg-1 feed chart is very easy to follow.  It outlines the feed rates, core additives and dosing procedures that have been tested and refined by professional grower’s to achieve maximum results during all stages of growth.

PDF Dose chart:  Imperial / Metric

“I’ve been growing for 15 years so I was skeptical before using Veg-1. How could a single bottle compare with 2 or 3 parts? …and no separate ‘grow’ or ‘bloom’! So I followed the feedchart… the Veg-1 regime way outperformed our best ever yields. I am sold!”

“Growing is so much easier, not to mention LESS CLUTTERED, now that we only need a single nutrient bottle all the way through”

“…amazing yield and taste, 100% perfectly healthy plants. Very simple and clean. The Veg-1 range is the key to bigger yields!”

Optimum pH of nutrient solutions
The key reason for controlling the pH of nutrient solutions is to make sure that the individual elements in the nutrient remain soluble.  If certain elements become insoluble, a white precipitate will form on the bottom of the reservoir. Depending on the pH, this precipitate may take several hours to form, or even days. This means that whenever nutrient solutions are stored in a reservoir of either a recirculating or run-to-waste system, it is important to maintain the pH between 5.0 and 6.0 – with an absolute maximum of 6.5. This helps ensure that:

a) The individual elements remain dissolved in the water and are therefore available to be pumped to the root zone.

b) The individual elements are in a soluble form which roots can readily absorb.

pH range limits: pH values above 6.0 are to be avoided more than low values such as pH 4.5 to 5.0. All essential nutrients are soluble at these lower pH values. The precise pH at which calcium and sulfate begin to precipitate is determined by their combined concentrations. Except for fertilizers ‘low’ in calcium and sulfate, this problem commonly occurs at ~pH 6.5 when the net* EC is ~2.5 mS; or ~pH 7.0 for 1.5 mS solutions. As a general rule, to avoid precipitation, higher nutrient concentrations must be held at lower pH values. *Assumes make-up water has nil EC.

For more see page 49 of the FloraMax Hydroponics Manual.

Core additives for Veg-1

FloraMax-Root-XS_250mlRoot-XS is key for producing consistent yields.  Plants can be pushed harder which enables quicker progress through each growth stage and faster crop rotation.  Greener, healthier foliage and fruits with less signs of stress. PGR free formulation.  More information…
FloraMax-Flora-1_250mlFlora-1 is a multi-faceted PK additive specific for 1-part nutrients.  Flora-1 improves the size and structure of flowers and fruits and contains sulfate and iron chelate to combat harsh grow room conditions.  Flora-1 locks pH below 6.5, even when hard water or alkaline additives are used.  More information…
FloraMax-Resin-XS_250mlThe #1 BLOOM BOOSTER for serious growers. Its unique formulation stimulates floral blooms and helps promote higher fruit weight.  PGR free, and will not induce foul odours or buildup in the reservoir….  More information…
Contains Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp extract that is highly soluble.  3 year plus shelf-life ensures the working nutrient solution remains clear without unwanted build-up in reservoirs, or blocked drippers.  More information…