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System Maintenance

Want to prevents blocked drippers and brown roots in hydroponics?  Grow room heat + humidity = perfect breeding ground for nasties that invade hydroponic nutrient solutions. These cause problems ranging from blockages to brown roots and plant death.  Combating this will make the difference between a perfect yield and NO yield.

Prevents blocked drippers in hydroponics

SYSTEM MAINTENANCE: Prevents blocked drippers and brown roots in hydroponics

FloraMax System Maintenance is a safe, organic formulation that ensures your hydroponic growing system delivers consistent yields all-year-round:

  • It prevents root browning and plumbing blockages.  If organic or sugary additives are being used, System Maintenance helps prevent white, cloudy muck from forming.
  • Serves as a cleaner for tools and system hardware during post harvest cleanup.
  • Compatible with all nutrient types including sensitive organic’s and beneficial bacteria.

Background:  System Maintenance was developed for need of a product that was versatile to handle all of the hygiene and maintenance issues that arise in grow-systems.   It also needed to be safe for handling and compatible with the vast range of nutrient ingredients being used.

Technical data
Dose: 2ml/L (3.5 ml/Gal) in nutrient | Brochure | Label | MSDS | FAQ | Package 250ml, 1L, 5L, 20L, 1kL
“Root browning and plant death are no longer a threat to our plants. This is saving us a fortune!”

“When the day temperatures rise we get white slimes growing in the reservoir. This stuff goes through our system blocking pumps, drippers and pipes… System Maintenance has stopped this from happening, which has saved us A LOT of unnecessary maintenance and guaranteed our plants are getting watered on time.”

Guide to disease control
Pythium, phytophthora and fusarium are some of the most common diseases in hydroponics.  They can spread rapidly throughout a system and kill plants within a few days. 

The following management practices will significantly reduce the risk of disease:

1. Maintain good general system hygiene: Diseased foliage should be promptly cut from plants and removed from the growing area along with other waste material. Surfaces must also be kept clean from dust, dirt and spillages.

2. Pest management: Insects spread disease from one plant to another via sap transfer and therefore must be prevented from entering the system. To help achieve this, filter the air supply and minimize traffic into the growing area.

3. Maintain the cleanliness of the nutrient solution: To achieve this dose the nutrient solution with FloraMax System Maintenance. A clean nutrient solution will help avoid issues such as root browning and fungus gnat infestation.

4. Humidity: Controlling humidity will prevent spore germination for many diseases. Keeping ‘relative humidity’ at 60-70% offers the best compromise for both disease prevention and plant growth.

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