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FloraMax Dosage Calculator

Major update:  25 Aug 2022
Online dosage calculator at

FloraMax Growers Guide

FREE from our exclusive dealers.  Latest edition released Sept 2022.

Extensive 10-page growers guide that provides important information for maximizing both yield and quality.  Topics include nutrient management and growing techniques for cuttings, veg phase and bloom – including topping and LST.   Contains helpful colored images and diagrams and explains complex and often misunderstood issues in simple and concise language.  Written by Andrew Taylor – chemist and founder of FloraMax.

Download here: Imperial | Metric

FloraMax Growers Guide

FloraMax VegaFlora A+B Feedcharts

Major update:  2 Oct 2022

FloraMax Veg-1 Feedcharts

Major update:  2 Oct 2022

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MSDS (Safety Data Sheets)

Web package for retailers

To load our information onto your website please email us at sales@floramax.com and request our web package.

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FloraMax product labels

To view labels, click on the label images below: The RIGHT link displays the label | LEFT left link displays instructions.

Pythoff PLUS

Prevents build-...
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Growth-XS assis...
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FloraMax Veg-1

Veg-1 is a fert...
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FloraMax VegaFlora A

VegaFlora A+B i...
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FloraMax VegaFlora B

VegaFlora A+B i...
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FloraMax OrganaBud

OrganaBud is a ...
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FloraMax Root-X...
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Resin-XS is a s...
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FloraMax Ca-Mg-Fe

FloraMax Ca-Mg-...
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FloraMax Silica

FloraMax Silica...
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FloraMax Clone Spray

FloraMax Clone ...
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FloraMax Cloner

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