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Dosage Calculator

Online dosage calculator at https://www.floramax.com/dosage-calculator/.

Feed Charts

VegaFlora A+B    (v. 23 May 2020):

Veg-1    (v. 6 Aug 20):

Growers Guide

  • FloraMax Growers Guide (16 page) – ask your local grow store for a hard copy

Individual product flyers with Growroom Info  

Wall posters (33 x 12″) 

MSDS (Safety Data Sheets)

Web package for retailers

To load our information onto your website please email us at sales@floramax.com and request our web package.

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FloraMax product labels

To view labels, click on the label images below: The RIGHT link displays the label | LEFT left link displays instructions.

FloraMax Veg-1

Veg-1 is a 1-pa...
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FloraMax VegaFlora A

VegaFlora A+B i...
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FloraMax VegaFlora B

VegaFlora A+B i...
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FloraMax OrganaBud

OrganaBud is a ...
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FloraMax Root-X...
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Resin-XS is a s...
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FloraMax Ca-Mg-Fe

FloraMax Ca-Mg-...
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FloraMax Silica

FloraMax Silica...
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FloraMax Clone Spray

FloraMax Clone ...
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FloraMax Cloner

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