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Pythoff PLUS

FloraMax Pythoff PLUS 

Prevents build-up in hydroponic systems 

The formulation of Pythoff Plus is a result of our extensive experience as water treatment consultants since 1966:

  • Maximizes the effective working life of nutrient solutions.
  • Helps prevent root browning, blocked drippers and build-up in hydroponic systems.
  • Safe to use from seed to harvest.
  • Also used for maintaining stored water and for cleaning system hardware during post-harvest system clean-up.
  • Available in 1L, 5L, 20L.
  • Dosage:  Nutrient solutions and stored water, 0.5ml/L (2ml/Gal) | Post-harvest system clean-up, 2ml/L (8ml/Gal).
  • CAUTION: Not compatible with hydrogen peroxide, beneficial bacteria or “live” systems.

Nutrient Management
Poor growth is often due to the failure to treat the nutrient solution. FloraMax Pythoff PLUS is ideal for this as it is fully compatible with our organic additives when used at 2ml/Gal or 0.5ml/L – NOTE, regular chlorines and hydrogen peroxide can destroy the organics in FloraMax and many other nutrient products!  Also, any water that is stored for more than 2-3 days should be dosed with Pythoff PLUS (2ml/Gal or 0.5ml/L), then stored in the dark for at least 24 hours prior to use in a hydroponic system.

Testimonials - “...even seriously badly damaged plants can be regenerated...

“I had chronic problems with root diseases damaging and killing my plants. Now I find that not only has the damage ceased, but even seriously badly damaged plants can be regenerated”.

“No more do I see signs of bad stuff in the tanks i.e. clouds of white slimy gack floating in the tanks and collecting on the air stone. Plants are now just scorching along.”

“I was able to rescue some rare mother plant DNA. One important specimen, the last of its sort in my collection, was severely damaged and very nearly died going completely yellow and having leaves go brown and crispy. Pythoff is directly attributable to the rescue”

“I was having a problem with my root browning due to excess temps in my grow room. I had tried hydrogen peroxide to help kill any bacteria that had started to grow since my a/c went out and my temps were hitting over a hundred (Fahrenheit). I ordered some Pythoff and within two weeks I had new root growth. They were fresh white and firm little roots, something hydrogen peroxide could not accomplish”.