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Pythoff PLUS

Pythoff PLUS

Prevents build-up in hydroponic systems.  Compatible with all FloraMax products.

Directions for use:


Hydroponic systems: Dose raw water at 0.5ml/L (2ml/Gal) immediately BEFORE adding nutrients. If dosing an existing nutrient solution, the dose MUST be pre-diluted 50-fold with raw water. Generally redose weekly (for recirculating systems, redose daily if system is stressed). Halve dose for sensitive plants. Not for use with hydrogen peroxide or beneficial bacteria.
Stored water: Dose weekly at 0.5ml/L (2ml/Gal). Avoid light ingress.
Post-harvest system clean-up: Remove plants then partly fill reservoir with water. Ensure pH is below 6.0. Dose water at 2ml/L (8ml/Gal) then run pump hourly for 24-hours. Discard waste water then re-flush system with fresh water.