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FloraMax Veg-1

FloraMax Veg-1

Veg-1 is a 1-part fertilizer for use from seed through to harvest in hard or soft water:

  • Promotes vigorous roots, foliage & fruits
  • For hydroponics, coco-fibre or soil
  • Minimal pH adjustment required
  • Fully soluble (helps prevent blockages)

Directions for use:


See www.floramax.com/dosage-calculator/. For best results, always use with FloraMax additives.

Step 1. Add dose directly to water then stir well:

  • Cuttings / Seedlings: 3.5ml/L (2 3/4 tsp/Gal). Use with Root-XS.
  • Vegetative phase: 4.5-7.0ml/L (3 1/2 – 5 1/3 tsp/Gal). Use with Root-XS and OrganaBud.
  • Flowering phase: 4.5-7.0ml/L (3 1/2 – 5 1/3 tsp/Gal). Use with OrganaBud, Flowering Enhancer and Resin-XS.

Step 2. Stir thoroughly. Ensure pH is 5.0-6.5.

Coco-fibre or soil: Generally apply at every watering. Flush the medium every 1-2 weeks with plain water.

Recirculating systems: Apply at every watering. Check pH and EC daily. Replace nutrient every 7-10 days.