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FloraMax Silica

FloraMax Silica

FloraMax Silica assists plant growth:

  • Helps improve rigidity of stems and leaves
  • Helps prevent leaf wilt during extreme heat

FloraMax Silica is fully soluble, highly stable and readily absorbed by plants.

Directions for use


Root feed: Use FloraMax Silica from seedling to harvest.  Add to existing nutrient solution at 0.25ml/L (1/5  tsp/Gal).  Then stir well and ensure the final pH is 5.0-6.5.  Use this solution for every watering.

Foliar spray: Mix FloraMax Silica with soft water at 3ml/L (1/2 tsp/Qrt).  Include a wetting agent to improve coverage and absorption.  Re-apply every 7-14 days.