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FloraMax OrganaBud 

Improves plant structure and fruit qualityAscophyllum Nodosum sea kelp & fulvic acid

  • Promotes branching, shortening, bud sites and stacking.
  • Increases fruit mass, density, potency, terpene profile and pistil vibrancy.
  • This is one of the cleanest additives on the market – no foaming, odors or blockages – the ideal organic additive for large hydroponic operations, including aeroponics and DWC.
  • “PGR” free and has a 5+ year shelf life to ensure reliability.
  • Available in larger pack sizes – 1L, 5L, 20L and 1,000L – suitable for large scale commercial applications.
  • Dosage: 2ml/L (7.5ml/Gal) from seed to harvest.
  • CAUTION: Organic additive – NEVER use in conjunction with chlorines or peroxides.

How to test OrganaBud with an existing nutrient regime?

OrganaBud can be used with any synthetic (mineral based) or organic nutrient schedule. Use at 2m/L from seed to harvest, and apply at every watering. This dose rate will yield EC 0.15mS. Within a few weeks you should notice how clean it runs and, depending on the stage of growth, you should notice improved plant structure, yield and quality.

“Purified extracted organics” explained

The chemists at FloraMax have been able to deconstruct popular organic ingredients such as kelp, fulvic acid and guano then isolate specific ‘beneficial’ organic molecules. These are then incorporated into our additives in a purified and potent form. Importantly, this enables their concentrations to be optimized for maximum nutrient effect, with no negative side-effects. The result is a range of products that produce unique and tangible results without causing blocked drippers, pH fluctuation, build-up, foaming or odors.

Testimonials - “more bud sites and tighter internodal spacing...more complete terpene profile”

“OrganaBud is providing more bud sites and tighter internodal spacing…more vibrant colours in the pistils, improved aroma and the impression of a fuller, more complete terpene profile…(Commercial grower, Yuba City, California)”

“OrganaBud is very clean in the reservoir and there are no bad odours. Other kelp products make a huge mess in the res, lines and drippers”

“OrganaBud promotes more branching, shortening, bud sites and stacking.  Its impact is obvious within a few weeks of use.”