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Discontinued Products

Hydro A+B, Coco A+B and Soil A+B

Hydro A+B, Coco A+B and Soil A+B have now been replaced with VegaFlora A+B.  VegaFlora A+B is a universal formulation designed to work with hydro, coco and soil. It combines the core attributes of our 3 medium specific formula, and ALSO provides several additional benefits:
1. Calcium and magnesium levels have increased.
2. pH stability is 20% higher.
3. The majority of the iron is now chelated with DTPA, instead of EDTA. DTPA chelated iron is stable up to pH 7.5, whereas EDTA destabilizes above 6.5.

These last 2 features help ensure that VegaFlora remains stable under more extreme conditions. This is especially critical for media-based systems (coco and soil) where waterings are infrequent. Under these conditions, the root-zone pH and EC both have a tendency to spike then destabilize certain nutrient species, especially iron.

Hydro A+B, Coco A+B and Soil A+B will continue to be supported on our dosage calculator.

Andrew Taylor

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