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Plant nutrients for commercial cropping

FloraMax provides yields that are more valuable, consistent, and easier to achieve.

The FloraMax range incorporates a complex blend of both inorganic salts and “purified” extracted organics.  These organics will not cause sludge or blockages in irrigation systems which gives growers a huge competitive advantage over traditional A+B salt systems:

  1. Enhances trichomes, oils and terpene profile.
  2. Improves root mass and plant structure.
  3. Provides fast, predictable cropping speeds.

FloraMax nutrients have universal application:

  • Hydro / Coco / Soil / Aeroponics / DWC
  • Suits either hard or soft waters.
  • Stock reservoirs: FloraMax additives are blended together at 100-fold concentration to create multi-purpose “stock solutions”.  Most competing nutrient systems are limited to using A+B salts.
  • Fully compatible with auto-dosing units.
  • Nutrient solutions are stable for upwards of 2-3 months.
  • Competitively priced – Feed regimes can be customized to suit a wide variety of budgets.

System based options

1. For optimum pH stability:

FloraMax makes growing easier. It is the ultimate nutrient for traditional working nutrient reservoirs, feeding all system types from soil to aeroponics with either hard or soft water. pH is incredibly stable compared to other systems and the nutrient runs significantly cleaner. This avoids blockages, sludge build-up and alleviates complex clean-up procedures. The benefit of our organics also provides perfect quality and yield.

FloraMax METRIC feed chart for optimum pH stability (VegaFlora | Veg-1).
FloraMax Growers Guide

2. For auto-dosers with auto-pH:

This system is designed for auto-doser systems where pH is monitored and automatically controlled via acid-base injection. The regime can be customized to suit a range of budgets and is ideal if system hardware is limited to as few as three auto-dosers.

FloraMax METRIC feed chart for auto-dosers with auto-pH (VegaFlora | Veg-1).
FloraMax Growers Guide

3. For stock reservoirs:

This is the optimum nutrient system where the system’s hardware is limited to two ‘stock’ reservoirs. Traditionally, these systems store a stock solution of “A” and “B” salts with no capacity for organics, which often sacrifices yield quality and mass. The FloraMax range accommodates for this exact scenario by allowing its nutrients to be combined together at 100-fold concentration to produce highly stable, multi-purpose “stock solutions”:

  • For reservoir #1, we provide Veg-1, a salt-based 1-part nutrient that satisfies the plant’s NPK, cal-mag and micro-nutrient requirements.
  • For reservoir #2, we provide a suite of organic additives (Root-XS, OrganaBud and Resin-XS) that generate more dynamic and valuable yields.

FloraMax METRIC feed chart for stock reservoirs (Veg-1).
FloraMax Growers Guide


Performance comparison of A+B Powders vs. FloraMax nutrients?
A+B powders are only able to offer a fraction of the overall benefits of the FloraMax nutrient regime. Importantly, the “nutrient-effect” provided by FloraMax cannot be obtained via powders due to the physical impossibility of dissolving (and stabilizing) a powdered version of “purified” extracted organics species in a nutrient reservoir. Rigorous processes need to be undertaken to dissolve then stabilize these extracted organic species. In fact, most nutrient manufacturers fail to understand this science and are thus unable to take advantage of recent organic advancements/learnings. These “purified” extracted organics are of substantial benefit to the commercial industry. Growers can achieve more valuable yields without incurring the usual problems associated with raw organics, such as inconsistent performance and ease of use concerns that result from biofilms, blockages, and pH fluctuations.