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Plant Nutrients for Commercial Cropping

FloraMax provides yields that are more valuable, consistent, and easier to achieve.

With as few as 3 products, FloraMax creates a comprehensive mixture of inorganic salts and purified extracted organics – a combination that is far more effective than regular salt nutrients! Importantly, FloraMax organics run extremely clean and will not cause blockages. This gives growers a huge competitive advantage over traditional A+B salt systems:

  1. Improves root mass and plant structure – more branching, bud-sites and stacking.
  2. Enhances trichomes, oils, terpene profile and mass.
  3. Provides fast, predictable cropping speeds with unparalleled ease of use.

FloraMax nutrients have universal application

  • Hydro / Coco / Soil / Aeroponics / DWC
  • Suits hard, alkaline or soft waters, and does not require cal-mag additives.
  • Fully compatible with auto-dosing units.
  • Stock reservoirs: FloraMax additives can be blended together at 100-fold concentration to create multi-purpose “stock solutions”. Competing nutrient systems are limited to using A+B salts.
  • FloraMax nutrient solutions are stable for upwards of 2-3 months.
  • Competitively priced – feed regimes can be customized to suit all budgets.

System-based options

1. For working nutrient reservoirs:

This system is designed for commercial scale systems, including those with auto-dosers and auto-acid-base injection. The regime can be customized to suit a range of budgets and is ideal if system hardware is limited to as few as three auto-dosers.

For nutrient costings and COMMERCIAL specific feed charts for working nutrient reservoirs please submit your details here.

2. For stock reservoirs:

This is the optimum nutrient system where the system’s hardware is limited to two ‘stock’ reservoirs. Traditionally, these systems store a stock solution of “A” and “B” salts with no capacity for organics – which sacrifices yield quality and mass. The FloraMax range however, accommodates for organics by allowing its additives to be combined together as highly stable, multi-purpose “stock solutions”:

  • Reservoir #1 satisfies all NPK, cal-mag and micro-nutrient requirements.
  • Reservoir #2 supplies organics that are vital for more dynamic and valuable yields.

For nutrient costings and COMMERCIAL specific feed charts for stock reservoirs please submit your details here.

For nutrient costings and COMMERCIAL specific feed charts
Ask a Chemist

Hard, alkaline water?
Our chemists can devise simple water treatment methods for overcoming common problems such as calcium (hardness), iron oxide build-up and bicarbonate (alkalinity).
EXAMPLE (left): FloraMax mid-late bloom schedule blended with a very hard and alkaline 1.2mS bore water. Cost of treatment is under US$0.001/L and utilizes existing infrastructure.

More information:  Dealing with poor water quality in hydroponics