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Who is FloraMax?

FloraMax was conceived from 20 years of hydroponic nutrient manufacturing and research by our in-house chemist. We were seeking a “faster, leaner” nutrient range that would give growers better yields with less hassle. The FloraMax range was tested and refined over 3 years by means of feedback from over 40 credible indoor growers. The criteria? If our test product did not outperform the best alternative brands then it was not put into the final FloraMax range.

  • Regular test feedback included: FloraMax produces more trichomes, larger fruit swell, greater oil and resin content, better potency and cleaner flavours, higher weight, faster transition through clone/seed and veg, greater root mass, no deficiencies, zero pH adjustment needed, simple-to-use products and feed charts, cleaner barrel with no blocked drippers, zero foul odours and no nasty build-ups, consistent yields from crop-to-crop.
  • FloraMax offers a very complete range: A nutrient for each type of medium, enhancers for flowers, resin and roots, kelps, fulvics and vitamins, cal-mag, disease prevention and silica, system cleanup, clone gel and clone spray.
  • The range offers great opportunity for grow stores, without intimidating shelf prices.
  • Our base nutrients are grow/bloom hybrids for ease-of-use. But unlike similar versions, FloraMax provides solid performance throughout both veg and flower.
  • No pH adjustment is required in coco or soil, and the nutrient solution runs very clean without blocking drippers or causing buildup. In hydro, the pH buffering is 500% stronger than other brands.  There are no complex dosing procedures and feed charts are very easy to follow.
  • FloraMax is PGR free and will not cause foul odours or build-ups.
  • Labelling is USDA and EU compliant, multilingual and has reader friendly font size.
  • Every batch of FloraMax is manufactured by our in-house chemist, then tested for quality before being bottled. This ensures every bottle performs to specification. Growers can be confident of achieving consistent yields from crop-to-crop.
  • We offer unparalleled point-of-sale support. Apart from our 88 page hardcopy grow guide, we provide a vast array of Growroom Info sheets, product brochures, feedcharts, wall posters, banners, wall, floor and window stickers, brochure holders, shelf labels and an extensive website.  If there is something extra that you think would help, then we can usually get it made for you.

Andrew Taylor
Chemist & director)

Profile of Andrew Taylor

Andrew is an analytical chemist with additional qualifications in plant function and nutrition. He has over 22 years’ experience in product research and development, and commercial manufacturing. As the author of the Flairform Grower’s Guide, he writes extensively on hydroponic growing techniques with articles featured in several prominent grow magazines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does FloraMax use high quality ingredients?
FloraMax utilizes the highest grade of ingredients available for plant nutrient products. Further, these are carefully balanced to avoid any unnecessary excess. This ensures the nutrient solution “runs clean” without blocking drippers or emitters.

Is every FloraMax batch tested for quality?
Every batch of FloraMax is manufactured by our in-house chemist, then tested for quality before being bottled. This ensures every bottle performs to specification. Growers can be confident of achieving consistent yields from crop-to-crop.

Does FloraMax prevent common nutrient issues?
In most cases, good product design will prevent nutrient problems. FloraMax’s products contains the latest nutrient technology which helps avoid common issues such as nutrient deficiencies, large pH fluctuations, fruit rot, blocked drippers, disease and hot weather wilt. This allows growers to focus on other important areas such as lighting and the grow room environment.

What is the expected shelf-life of a FloraMax product?
Product shelf-life is essential for ensuring every bottle performs to the manufacturer’s original specification. Our range boasts extra long shelf-life, typically at least 3-5 years. Hence growers can be confident of achieving consistent yields from crop-to-crop.

How many bottles do I need to grow a crop using FloraMax?
The use of 1-part technology throughout our range ensures each product is multi-purpose. This means you require only 4-6 bottles (base nutrient included) to cover a multitude of issues and ensure outstanding yields. Simplicity is further demonstrated with our base nutrients. Growers only require a single nutrient for seed-to-harvest growth instead of a separate grow and bloom formulation. Less bottles means less confusion!

How much pH adjustment is required with FloraMax nutrients?
Our pH buffering control is 5x stronger than other leading brands. This means pH adjustment is not required in coco coir or soil and is reduced significantly in recirculating hydroponic systems. Also, when dosing with alkaline additives you are unlikely to ever see white deposits or “clouds” in the nutrient.