The best nutrients for coco coir, hydroponics and soil

FloraMax’s expertise in chemistry and plant biology is your key to higher yields

Better flavours and higher yields:  Ingredients are carefully balanced without nuisance chemicals to ensure harvest brings pure, clean flavours with no nasty background tastes.   We also use high grade, non PGR ingredients including cutting edge compounds for maximizing yield and flavor.
Nutrient and additives are far easier to use:  Superior product chemistry means no pH adjustment is required in coco or soil, and the nutrient solution runs very clean without blocking drippers.  There are no complex dosing procedures and feed charts are very easy to follow.
Powerful grow tips in simple, concise language:  Cuttings, grow lights, topping & LST, nutrient management, pH, EC, pests, 88 page FloraMax Hydroponics Manual and much more